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About us

Let's learn a little about the owners!

Ronald and Melody 

Ronald and Melody have three children, Nikki, Alex and Andrew. Their children have also worked with them on and off throughout their restaurant career. Together they have over thirty years’ experience in the restaurant industry. It all began back when they were teenagers at a local restaurant. Ronald moved up to management and Melody worked with the customers as a server. As the years went by they moved on to work for Tim, as he started his first restaurant in Griffin. They continued to work in the restaurant industry but in different arenas. Melody moved into the corporate world working at Wendy’s in management for eight years and Applebee’s for five. A lot of the knowledge she gained came from the corporate route. She learned customer service and what it takes to continually have return customers. Ronald began cooking for Tim at several of his locations and because of that, and of course his mother, he learned how to cook southern food very well. The knowledge Ronald and Melody have in the industry has given the two of them what they need to be successful. 



My family and I visited a little over a week ago.  The country food and the service was by far the best!  We were greeted by nothing but big smiles!  Sweet tea was very good…however, the ribs is what will keep me coming back!  The salad was fresh and the peach cobbler was hot and delicious!  Thank you for a great experience! See you next time!  
Jason M.-Jackson,GA


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